Wedding Toilet Hire: Because Every Detail Matters

By February 15, 2019 No Comments

Outdoor weddings are without a doubt one of the most stunning ways to tie the knot.

Let’s set the scene: The sun is shining, your friends and family are all dressed up to the nines, the champagne is flowing.  

Where does a dingy portaloo fit in to this picture? You’re right, it doesn’t.

Luxury portaloo hire for weddings is the best way to know that every detail of your special day is exactly as you want it. For starters, a posh loo is significantly better to look at than the common green plastic eyesores. Only the highest quality materials are used within; pristine porcelain, chrome fittings, and English heritage paint give each loo a high-end look. You even have the option to add fresh flowers to complement the theme of your event – how much lovelier can a toilet get?!

Nobody wants to eat their dinner with dirty hands, which is why every luxury portable toilet you hire has warm running water, fresh towels, and beautiful Aesop soap and hand cream. And we know what you’re thinking – do they actually flush properly unlike regular portable loos? The answer is yes – an Ohelloo is as close as you can get to a real bathroom without retreating indoors.

With significantly more space and much cleaner facilities than you’d get with a standard portable toilet, there’s no need for the ladies to hold up their dresses in fear of ruining them on a dirty floor. Each luxury loo has not one but FOUR full length mirrors, and a dedicated vanity area so your guests can keep themselves looking picture perfect all day. Nobody will look back at your wedding pictures in 5 years and realise they had lipstick on their teeth!

For a day as important as your wedding, each and every detail needs to be perfect, and your toilet should be no exception.