Luxury Portable Toilets: Spending a Posher Penny

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When organising an event, toilet facilities can sometimes be an afterthought.

Your guests have somewhere to go to the toilet, and you’ve spent as little money as possible, so what more is there to do?

The truth is, while keeping costs down is an important part of planning any event, spending a little bit of extra dough on some posh portaloos will make a world of difference to your guests.

You may be tempted to hire the cheapest, most bog-standard portaloo (pardon the pun), but you can guarantee your guests will be feeling cramped and unhygienic when nature calls.

The most hated thing about any outdoor event is always the portaloos – being squished into a tiny, dirty box to do your business is enough to make anyone want to stay at home.

As well as having enough room to swing a cat, the difference in hygiene levels between a standard portaloo and a luxury portable toilet is night and day. With posh loos you can say goodbye to your hand sanitiser, as each luxury portaloo comes complete with warm running water, fresh towels, and the finest Aesop soap. And, with adjustable temperature controls, you can also say goodbye to those freezing cold seats.

Spending a bit more for a posh loo means your guests won’t have to worry about ruining their outfit when they go to the toilet; they can make use of a stunning vanity area and plenty of full length mirrors.  Your guests will even be able to keep the party going with the ability to stream their own music inside! 

You can’t throw a luxury event without a luxury loo – spend a posher penny and trust us, your guests will thank you.


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